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I have been a Licensed Black London Cabbie since January 1997 and over that time and the five years that it took to gain “The Knowledge”, I have grown to love and despair of London in equal measure.

So why spend money sitting in a noisy cab listening to whingeing from your London cab driver, or having him fill your head with useless London trivia when you can sit in comfort and read it for free?

You see the trouble with being a London Cabbie is that you spend 10 hours a day cooped up in a metal box on your own, and nobody to converse with, no work colleagues to chat to around the drinks cooler and no supervisor or boss to complain about. Well writing under the pseudonym Gibson Square – the destination of the first ‘run’ in the Blue Book – I pontificate on all things London.

If for some reason you are interested in what it’s like to be a London cabbie, go to Back of my cab page or read Taxi Tales from my colleagues. If you really want to know what cabbies have to contend with, I have reserved my sternest criticism, in bit size chunks, for the Diary page.

So have a rummage round, check out my bouquets which you will be pleased to find I’m not complaining. They can be found on the twice weekly posts and in the pages of Hidden London and Room with a view.

There is also daily London Trivia you can follow on Twitter.

Social media has now caught up with CabbieBlog, my occasional tweets can be found @LondonCabbie and you may poke me on my Gibson Square Facebook page.

Cheers, or as we say in the Trade “Be Lucky”

Oh! The reason for the picture at the top of this post? I was a typesetter in a previous life.

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