Slugs, snails & puppydog tails

Bees in the City

Have you noticed there are more bees in London? Me neither, apart from 10,000 that swarmed on a pyracantha bush at the bottom of my garden last May . Now I realise that we [...]

Churchill’s chair

It’s a little known fact that you can still find in smoke free London places where one can enjoy a cigar while drinking one’s coffee. St. James’s Street has some of the capital’s oldest shops, Locks, [...]

Jungle pigeons

It is a common misconception that cabbies always have their meal breaks in the green huts scattered around London. For those wishing to discuss England’s sporting woes or the decline of the cab trade these refuges [...]

Queen of Hell

Quite why at the age of 70 Elizabeth Gibbons decided to build an enormous house on the north side of Portman Square when she had a second home opposite remains a mystery. She could certainly afford [...]

London has no edges

For a building built 50 years ago the BT Tower looks remarkably modern, entering the generous foyer it could be any number of offices that proliferate in this corner of Fitzrovia. It’s only when reaching the [...]

Tiddy Dolls

When on The Knowledge one has to go out, find and memorise ’points’, places where you might reasonably he asked to take a passenger when driving a cab. Some points are easily forgotten while others for [...]

England’s Rich Impact on Gambling History

There is a long history of English stereotypes involving heavy gambling, and it should be no surprise as England has a rich history of gambling. Once a hobby of the highest class of society, gambling has [...]

Aquatic cabbies

Unlike today’s cabbies the London watermen were not adverse to going ’South of The River’. In fact many were residents of the South Bank or Wapping. In their open black boats exposed to the elements, working [...]

Sign of the silver mousetrap

When the traffic is bad there is a little cut through from Kingsway to Holborn via Lincoln’s Inn Fields. One passes the Seven Stars public house, always popular with the legal profession. It’s where barristers bring [...]

I’m the Only Running Footman

London still has many pubs left that are worthy of a visit. Most have the usual generic names: Red Lion, Royal Oak, Builder’s Arms or King’s Head. But one to be found in Mayfair has what [...]