: ' buildings of london'

Piggeries and Potteries

They come in colours ranging from red, purple, brown and various shades of yellow and can be laid in soldier, sailor, stretcher, English, Flemish, header and rowlock bonds there must be a dozen ways to lay [...]

Gold shoulder

I have been a member of the National Trust for the best part of 40 years, and over that time I’ve lost count of the number of scones and cups of coffee that I have consumed [...]

It’s a small world

My mother once told me that while on a holiday in Switzerland, having walked for 20 minutes from a nearby town and ascended the funicular to take her up to view the Reichenbach Falls without encountering [...]

Bloomsbury Blues

When I first started working, driving a cab in London, dotted around the Capital were a number of small independent garages, many providing facilities for cabbies to empty their bladders as well as fill up their [...]

Sugar Daddies

With a tin bearing an image of the rotting carcass of a lion surrounded by a swarm of bees is not by today’s standards the most politically correct way to advertise your product. The brand registered [...]

Bush House pruned

To many of us Bush House in Aldwych is just an obstruction on our journey from Kingsway to Waterloo Bridge forcing us to take a detour around a rather large traffic island. But for many, particularly [...]

Salubrious solitude

ike buses it seems celebrities come along in pairs, for after months of not seeing a famous face I had two in succession. It was the first snow fall of the year when my radio offered [...]

From silken riches to rags

Possessing one of the largest number of early Georgian buildings in London, Spitalfields, dominated by Christ Church, a masterpiece of baroque designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor which featured in Peter Ackroyd’s novel Hawksmoor, this small enclave of [...]

Dr. Johnson’s magnum opus

hat most quintessential of Londoners Dr. Samuel Johnson has become the capital’s favourite adopted son. He is the most quoted person in the English language after Shakespeare and with his famous verdict on the City “When [...]

Weird homes

t is said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, for some homeowners that is true . . . but for others – well they have had different ideas. But first a castle:  Vanbrugh Castle, Maze [...]