: ' Cycling in London'

Tunnel vision for cyclists

London has a labyrinth of disused tunnels. In this Guest Post from Taxi Leaks the licensed taxi trade’s leading website. Dave Davis has come up with a novel way of protecting cyclists while freeing up some [...]

Chain reaction

The story of the Brompton bicycle is much more than a tale of British engineering achievement. It is a story of loyalty, passion and true British grit of how a bright young engineering graduate with a [...]

Eating humble pie

t is now two months since it started, and although it sticks in the craw to say it: I think Bicycle Clips Boris may have picked a winner with his cycle hire scheme. After some initial [...]

Pedal Power

Today’s the day were gearing up to Boris’ big one, his pet project, that is. Well, it would be his idea if he hadn’t stolen it from Ken Livingstone, who adopted it from Paris mayor Bertrand [...]