: ' London curiosities'

The Leaning Tower of Rotherhithe

If you know where to look London still has evidence that once it was a great maritime port. Anne-Marie Nankivell author of The Londonphile writes in this Guest Post, not of the iconic cranes standing unused [...]

Skeptic Tank

Londoners delight in urban myths: Where is Lord Lucan; Did they buy the right ‘London’ Bridge; How much do cabbies earn. But one myth is so neat it might actually have a ring of truth – [...]

Beavering away

Before CrossRail cabbies would pass the rear of Henry Heath’s Hat Factory as they negotiated the ‘Dirty Dozen’ twelve roads that once connected Regent Street with Tottenham Court Road. I’ve often glanced at the decorated tradesmans’ [...]

London’s Lighthouse

With its sinuous curves and gentle shoreline an aid for stricken mariners is not what you would expect to find beside the Thames. Alan Kean from the website Isle of Dogs Life has written a guest post [...]

Best apps for London

here was a time when passengers sitting in the back would strike up a conversation: “Did you see the game last night?” – No, I didn’t; “Will Arsenal win the cup?” – No, it won’t; “Have [...]

The London Beer Flood

The spot where Freddy Mercury stands strutting his stuff, was one of the most deprived areas of London, and the scene of the Capital’s most bizarre tragedy – the London beer flood. Before New Oxford Street [...]

Horsing around

ondon is often likened to just a collection of villages and with one area just south of Paddington has given itself the title of Connaught Village, but with the machine gun totting police it’s not [...]

Maidens without midriffs

Travelling along one of London’s busiest road it’s easy to miss St. Pancras Church, which when built in 1819 cost £76,679 and at the time was the most expensive house of worship built since the construction [...]

Bread Basket Boy

Three hundred and twenty-three years ago a long forgotten stonemason was putting the finishing touches on a small plaque which remains today marooned in Panyer Alley, a small footpath just off Newgate Street. It depicts a [...]

A bear called Martin

I can never recall a time when we were not sharing our home with an animal. My father, and his father before him, held senior positions at London Zoo and from time to time he would, [...]