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Dead boring

It’s the stuff of a science fiction writer’s dreams. Excavating in London one finds something buried that should have remained entombed forever. In the late 1950s BBC Television transmitted the Quatermass trilogy, culminating in Quatermass and The [...]

Order out of chaos

n CabbieBlog there are currently 180 posts and by far the most read has been a short introduction to London’s maps, so you might say that today’s contribution is back by popular demand. In any city [...]

Dying for a drink

The next time you find yourself in Soho, go to Broadwick Street where at one end you’ll find a village pump, while standing on the junction with Lexington Street is a pub rejoicing in the name [...]

Hexagonal London

  earful those cabbies might take their customers for a proverbial as well as a literal ride by overcharging; in the middle of the 19th Century a slightly fanatical Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries published [...]

Don’t ask me I’m lost too

aps define an area in more than the most obvious of ways. They define the landscape and the people that live within it. They allow us to make sense of its complexities. None more so than [...]