: ' London trivia'

London’s first coffee house

In 1971 three men sat down and decided to open a coffee supply company in Seattle which within 40 years would become the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Their choice of name would be prophetic [...]

“Where to, Guv’?”

It was an e-mail from the public relations department of a games manufacturer which prompted me to write this post, that, and a touch of post Festivities writer’s block. Jim Walker a cabbie colleague of mine [...]

Christmas History Trivia

Victorian London played a massive part in how we celebrate Christmas today. William Sandys published Christmas carols and Christmas plays; Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol; Sir Henry Cole invented Christmas cards; Thomas J Smith invented the [...]

7 London Sevens

riving through Covent Garden recently it occurred to me that there are a lot of sevens in London, many of which, it would seem, do not have very happy connections: Seven Dials was originally a seven-road [...]

Raising the dead

Just outside the City’s northern boundary on City Road you will find Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, where office workers go to eat their lunch. Here in this little oasis of tranquillity the small path traversing the [...]

Famous Fictional Front Doors

ondon has always been a rich seam for novelists, its diverse population from every corner of the world, 2,000 year history and a wonderful varied architecture makes for works of fiction. Here is a CabbieBlog’s illustrated list of [...]

Grub Street

his is a perfect post for your humble scribe, for the term Grub Street describes the world of impoverished journalists and literary hacks. Originally Grub Street possibly meant a street infested with worms, or more likely [...]

London’s fame menagerie

Camberwell Beauty First identified in this corner of south-east London around 1748, this butterfly has been adopted as the borough’s icon after the library in Wells Way portrayed a giant mural on its wall in 1920, [...]

Bathtime in London

he next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn’t just how you like it, or your hotel uses a cheap hand wash, think about how things used to be here [...]

Cornucopia of Curiosities

his contribution to CabbieBlog has a rather fruity flavour to it; with its artificially high climate London can support a wide variety of soft fruit varieties. Hanged by silk There stands in the south-west corner of Buckingham [...]