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Grumpy! That’s a Laugh

London’s taxi drivers have in the past been identified as the country’s grumpiest workers. A survey found that traffic jams, the rising cost of petrol and drunken passengers meant that cabbies rarely managed a chortle all [...]

Orange Street

His body was exhumed, the head reaffixed to the body and he sat unknowingly for his portrait [...]

A paddle on the Thames

I have a tenuous connection with this venerable ship as this historical craft was first launched in the year of my birth [...]


It has been 8 years, almost to the day, since I started CabbieBlog with the first post given the prosaic title: Make a Cuppa and do The Knowledge [...]

The Black Cab Cafe

Whilst searching the web for more inspired London cab related companies I stumbled across Running on Empty, a mouth wateringly good idea by award-winning Dumfries arts collective The Stove Network. The taxi was part of Scotland’s [...]

Lies, damned lies

and statistics . . . There is more to a blog than just writing: design, load speed, and your Google ranking among others. One aspect that all ‘experts’ tell you to avoid is statistics, which means, [...]

The Tipple Taxi

When Transport for London decreed that older cabs should be banned from the streets of London they couldn’t have guessed that with a little imagination the number of different uses these old workhorses would be put. [...]

Blue Book run number one

It is the only Blue Book run that many Londoners know – Manor House to Gibson Square. The prospective cabbies’ itinerary the Blue Book – which had of course a pink cover – and nestled between [...]

It’s like Florence with rain

Each month American Express Essentials present a selection of the most original travel and lifestyle trends with ideas from around the world. I was recently asked by them to contribute for their travel section some suggestions [...]

A ramble in Rainham

Whoever have guessed? You approach Rainham Marshes through a dystopian world with dozens of large lorries thundering past decrepit industrial units complete with power lines overhead. This must be one of the grimiest areas of London, [...]