An urban view

Site Unseen: St. Alphage, London Wall

The cleric refused to accede to their demands and in a drunken frenzy, the Vikings pelted the Archbishop with cattle bones [...]

The Angel

Travellers would rest here overnight rather than risk the open land between Islington and the City, which was infested by highwaymen and other thieves [...]

Down Your Alley: Sugar Bakers Court

He moved his business from this Court to a convenient location in Ludgate Hill, from there he could look out of his window and model wedding cakes on the spire of St Bride's church [...]

Peel House

After going some hundred yards, City Constable 212 jumped on to the back seat, and, seizing the reins, managed to stop it just as it was running into a railway van [...]

Site Unseen: Norman Shaw Building

So, there you have it, a sewer system, abandoned opera house, a dead body, a failed investigation and now home to our Honourable Members [...]

Down Your Alley: Great Scotland Yard

Curiously Scotland Yard to most is synonymous with London’s Metropolitan Police Force. Even some of their most famous, or infamous policemen had ‘of the Yard’ as a suffix to their names [...]

Cabman psychogeographer

But another Hugh Pearman wrote a slim paperback, Curious London in 1951, subtitled “An illustrated guide to the curious places and curious things in the twenty-nine boroughs and cities that make up the county of London” [...]

Site Unseen: 41-42 Cloth Fair

I must have passed this building a dozen times, and if was not for reading Fiona Rule’s, meticulously researched Oldest House in London [...]

Down Your Alley: Guildhall Yard

Peering around the east end of the church of St Lawrence Jewry brings into view one of London's most distinguished buildings; this is Guildhall Yard and directly ahead is the Guildhall itself [...]

Site Unseen: The Apple Store

I doubt if anyone entering Apple’s flagship store realises the beautiful mosaics above their heads [...]