An urban view

Hornor’s Panorama

It is remarkable that St. Paul’s should have been built under the supervision of only one master-builder, Thomas Strong [...]

Site Unseen: Inner and Middle Temple

Open to the public during daylight hours the Inner and Middle Temples have a rather private appearance which probably put off many curious visitors [...]

Down Your Alley: Alderman’s Walk

Alderman’s Walk is one of those names that tend to spark off thoughts of summery strolls along well-kept tree-lined avenues. Indeed, if we were contemplating our walk in a suburban village or almost any place other [...]

Site Unseen: Talgarth Road

Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building that you might have passed without noticing, in the past, they have ranged from a modernist car park; a penguin pool; to a [...]

Cabinet of Curiosities

ll men like to collect and catalogue ‘stuff’ and Victorian gentlemen were no different from today’s men. Amongst their collections could be found animal skulls, fossils, shells, a miniature book or maybe a small timepiece. They [...]

Down Your Alley: The Falconbergs

At the far end is Falconberg Mews, an equally unsavoury place [...]

Site Unseen: Colcutt Tower

At nearly 300ft. Colcutt’s Tower is higher than the dome of St. Paul’s [...]

Down Your Alley: Oranges and Lemons

Today we go all oranges and lemons, William of Orange could have had associations with Orange Yard. Nell Gwyn may have trudged down here on one of her excursions [...]

Site Unseen: Winfield House

On the eve of the arrival of America’s most controversial modern President, we’re looking at a house only accessible after interrogation by armed police officers [...]

Down Your Alley: The Elys

Those who commit crimes today are just as likely to be arrested in Ely Place as anywhere else. [...]