An urban view

Site Unseen: 6 Wood Lane

Described as looking like a spaceship this futuristic house is only 22ft wide and wedged between its Victorian neighbours [...]

Down Your Alley: Old Barrack Yard and Kinnerton Street

Recently CabbieBlog featured a piece about a hostage situation played out in Knightsbridge's Spaghetti House Restaurant. [...]

Long and winding road

But which has the longest name and the greatest length? [...]

Site Unseen: Grosvenor Gardens

Today it’s still used by black cab drivers as a place to rest and grab refreshments between jobs [...]

Some pretty uninteresting facts about Big Ben

In a couple of days time, as some even stand out in all weathers, the nation will hold its collective breath and look at a clock, now encased in German scaffolding, and for no reason whatsoever, [...]

Down Your Alley: Angel Place

Off the north side of Long Lane, opposite St George’s church, only a few strides from the junction with Borough High Street you will find Angel Place. Years have passed and scenes have changed since Charles [...]

10 Weird and Wonderful Places

You Didn’t Know Existed in London Beyond the London Eye and the Big Ben, there lies a different side of London. This is the London that only the most in-the-know locals are aware of, and they [...]

From Coach House to Mayfair Mansion

Designed initially as a coach house for the Capel Family, the Earls of Essex, this 8,051 square foot property in the heart of Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, has been transformed, under the [...]

Site Unseen: Courtenay Square

This charming square now has, as one of its residents a prominent Tory backbencher [...]

Down Your Alley: Adam and Eve Court

As everyone is rushing to do their Christmas Shopping, the little alley of Adam and Eve Court is often passed by unnoticed. [...]