It’s the economy stupid

Shop around

How to Find the Cheapest Possible Taxi Insurance It’s a time of year that many cabbies approach with a sinking heart: the time to renew your cab insurance. There’s no getting around the fact that car [...]

Banking on apathy

In the late 1960s my wife went into her local Barclays to withdraw some money, these were the days when you would give the teller a cheque to withdraw your money, they would then look at [...]

A degree of skill

I was reading recently that 26.6 per cent of those graduating from South Bank University were still unemployed after six months. It was then that I had this brainwave, now, I hate to boast, but this [...]

Shoreditch snake oil salesman

Like me, you’ve probably passed it dozens of times without a second glance, just another prime site ready for development. overed by the patina of age and buddleia glowing out of every crevice, it stands on [...]

It’s the Economy Stupid

Mornin’ Gov’nor, had The Monochrome Man in the cab recently, you know The Chancellor of the Exchequer. Picked him up outside Downing Street and by the time we arrived at his destination I had offered my opinion [...]

Masters of the Universe

I’ve lost count of the number of times “how’s business” has been said to me recently. Who do they think I am Warren Buffet? Well for all of you who have not had the advantage of [...]