Motoring matters

Life in the old dogs yet

As the 15-year limit comes into effect that once ubiquitous and versatile piece of British engineering, the London FX4 Taxi, is reaching the end of its useful life. Well, that’s what Transport for London thought . [...]

Chain reaction

The story of the Brompton bicycle is much more than a tale of British engineering achievement. It is a story of loyalty, passion and true British grit of how a bright young engineering graduate with a [...]

In the slow lane

The meticulous planning by LOCOG to allow the Olympic family unimpeded travel around London could be put in jeopardy by rickshaws. Cabbies must feel a sense of schadenfreude as their two biggest gripes – rickshaws and [...]

The Lost of London

When you successfully complete The Knowledge you might expect that your day would entail the picking up of passengers and taking them to their destination with a little lively banter thrown in for good measure. What [...]

Big Brother is your friend

The Coalition, in an attempt to divert the public’s attention away from the morass they have got themselves into with the National Health Service Reforms, have unleashed their attack dog: Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond. Politicians know [...]

Jaywalkers assist drivers

“In towns we may need to start considering some radical schemes such as removing kerbs so there are more hazards – like pedestrians – around your car. Our research suggests that this might actually improve people’s [...]

George Train’s Trams

If ever a man was destined to run a transport system it was George Train for the aptly named Mr Train who gave us the tram, a mode of transport that would last for 100 years. [...]

Eating humble pie

t is now two months since it started, and although it sticks in the craw to say it: I think Bicycle Clips Boris may have picked a winner with his cycle hire scheme. After some initial [...]

1984 and all that

It has been 50 years since man has ‘boldly gone’ into space, and what benefits has civilisation gained from space exploration? Well, apart from SatNavs, accurate weather forecasts, satellite imaging which identifies problem regions on earth, [...]

Driven from your drive

      Knowledge students at the Knowledge Point School in Caledonian Road, parking their bikes on private land   efore reading this post I should warn you that sitting or preferably lying down might lessen [...]