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Toilets, tantrums and The Tower

The city had just one river crossing, resulting in taking over an hour to cross the river. Combined to this was the additional hazards of mugging in the slow-moving traffic and getting contents of chamber [...]

Is there an R in the month?

Some say it was a Helter-skelter, when oysters were sold as a cheap and popular fast food of the day, Netten’s Oyster House was marked with a lighthouse – kind of the McDonalds ‘golden arches’ of [...]

Hope and heartbreak

The examiners love to ask for these sort of points to see if you have located the position in the street. The Water Rats is no exception, founded in 1889 and limited to ‘members of the [...]

A latino porn star

It had started at Manor House Station, so named, not after a baronial manor house, its bucolic grounds gently sweeping down to the nearby River Lea, but some long forgotten public house [...]

Up North

A favourite game played at night by cabbies is ‘riding the green wave’. This entails travelling from King’s Cross Station to the Marylebone flyover, or vice versa, catching every light at green, and therefore not stopping [...]

Hitchcock’s head

Only an organisation the size of BT would commission a telephone exchange this ugly, then to reinforce our perception of their poor taste erect a 22ft high aluminium pole with seven sculpted heads [...]

A pod of whales

The only point of interest is Stockwell bus garage described by Will Self as “a pod of whales, a concrete Leviathan, frozen in mid arch as they swim through the rather choppy brick sea of south [...]

Hitting ‘The Wall’

Statically you are more likely to give up, than gain that winners medal of a green badge, those who do persist on their journey often refer to losing their grip on reality as the Knowledge becomes [...]

You’d lose your head if it wasn’t sewed on

Just another chapter in England’s bloody history, but according to popular, if dubious legend, it was realised that no official portrait existed of the deceased Duke. His body was exhumed, the head reaffixed to the body [...]

Killed by a T-bone steak

A story to inspire the underdog, the old Wickhams department store on Mile End Road was a masterpiece of thwarted desire. Called the ‘Harrods of the East’, its architectural model was actually Selfridges, although Spiegelhalter’s little [...]