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Either make it up or you put in an elephant

When Mick Jagger has shuffled off his mortal coil, a blue plaque could be affixed to number 48 commemorating a drugs bust, led by the head of the Chelsea Drug Squad, the curiously named Detective Sergeant [...]

Going South of the River for a shilling

They would ply for hire from designated locations along the Thames, with the cry of “Oars! Oars!” which later was forbidden as the cry could be confused by tourists with “Whores! Whores!” [...]

A watery grave

In what must be the most ostentatious property hereabouts, clad in what can only be described as large white Lego bricks, the Marine River Force headquarters, its museum displays everything a copper needs [...]

Racing down The River

Dickens went further to describe Tower Bridge’s construction as: the filthiest, the strangest, the most extraordinary of the many localities that are hidden in London, wholly unknown, even by name, to the great mass of its [...]

Rivers (don’t) run straight

Winston showed less respect for his wartime French ally - General de Gaulle, for the station Churchill chose to leave London was not Paddington for his final journey to Bladon near his ancestral home, but Waterloo, [...]

The River

It's the topographical feature that both divides and unites Londoners. Famously cabbies won’t cross it, but their predecessors, the watermen made their living crossing this dangerous highway [...]