Puppydog tails

A shot in the dark

Drawing a Remington Colt self-loading pistol three shots rang out. Two missed, but a third penetrated Sir Edward’s abdomen [...]

The Last Post

. . . and yet they are linked in this story of a man who collected stamps . . . and wives. [...]

‘Mr Frieake’ and a gruesome cab fare

Crime: Bigamy & Murder Location: London, England Year: 1874-1875 To his friends and neighbours on East London’s Tredegar Square, Henry Wainwright was “A most respectable man”; pious, married with five children and a devout teetotaller who [...]

Some pretty uninteresting facts about Big Ben

If the capital could keep the noise down you might just discern its chimes 5 miles away [...]

Christmas Quiz

If you have been paying interest to the daily trivia posted @cabbieblog you should know most of the answers [...]

10 Weird and Wonderful Places

Put your exploring shoes on and get ready to discover some of London’s most offbeat secret locations [...]

Soggy Angels

London in those days was renowned for rain [...]

The Curious Case of the Growler

For many of us, our introduction to the Hansom Cab came as we first read the works of Dr John Watson about his sometime companion Sherlock Holmes [...]


Or the maximum distance your London cabbie is prepared to go 'Sarf of The River [...]

Half Baked

If you should wish to bake yourself this biscuit [...]