Puppydog tails

Tart Cards

Another function of telephone boxes has been to advertise 'adult' services [...]

Bismarck’s Bench

A delighted Bismarck was given a half-flagon full of their finest [...]

Killed by a cab

When it was finished, the good colonel dashed across the roads to admire his creation, tripped and was bowled over by a cab [...]

The Knowledge, The Play

The producers would have to be possessed with the tenacity and belief in their project, as any aspiring student of The Knowledge, to achieve their badge [...]

Parliamentary peculiars

Anomalies are to be found in the Palace of Westminster [...]

Orange Cab

old cabs never die [...]

Mummified Londoners

The real head was displayed in the same case for many years, but became the target of repeated student pranks including being stolen on more than one occasion [...]

Taxed beyond death

Here are a few of London's strangest payments of tax [...]

A culinary classic

Wilton’s is the oldest restaurant in London [...]

Rolling Stone

London’s most travelled artefact has moved yet again. London Stone, a Grade II* chunk of limestone some 20″ wide, 16″ high and 17″ deep of a substance (oolitic) that is not local to the London area [...]