Puppydog tails

London Books Review: Up in Smoke

Now its history and destiny are examined by Peter Watts in his book - Up in Smoke: The failed dreams of Battersea Power Station [...]

Waterborne Cabbies

In the 16th Century the Company of Watermen were the equivalent to today’s cabbies. Created by an Act of Parliament in 1556 and given a grant of a Royal Patient in 1585, their trade like ours [...]

London Books Review: The House by the Thames

Gillian Tindall forensically examined a house whose history spanned nearly 450 years in her book The House by the Thames and the people who lived there [...]

Hackney Carriages

ackney, this impoverished region of east London, was probably unknown to most of the world before the Olympic Games Committee decided its marshes would make a rather splendid place to hold the next Games. The term [...]

Cracking the Coade

Standing on Westminster Bridge guarding the gateway to south London stands the 13-ton South Bank Lion [...]

A penny for your thoughts

There is a long and historic relationship between Big Ben and the UK's coins and few people realise the technical role that old pennies have played inside the clock [...]

A London Life with falconer Matt Hoskins

It’s not every day you turn the corner of a city street to find a gobby falcon perched on someone’s arm [...]

London’s bathtime

Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and still smelled pretty good by June [...]

London Books Review: London Sight Unseen

The Leaning Tower of Rotherhithe, the sole survivor of this area's industrial past described as "one of the most solitary houses in London" [...]

108 years down the drain

Royal loos were scrubbed out by workers called gongscourers [...]