Thinking allowed


The bible of the cabbie, the A-Z gives it the possessive squiggle, while Google Maps, the new kid on the block cannot make up its mind [...]

London from an Outsider’s Point of View

Almost wherever you turn in London there is something that grabs your attention, making the city one of the top tourist locations in the world [...]

Taxi! Taxi!

This remarkable film from the old Rank Organisation shows how much the cab trade has changed over the years. The most obvious difference is that cabbies worked for a garage while nowadays all London cabbies are [...]

Cigarette City tour

At one time London must have been rife with smokers, if the number of cigarette brands named after its roads and districts are anything to go on [...]

The last Blue Posts

For many years it was thought that while barber/surgeons sported a red and white striped pole outside their premises, a pair of blue posts denoted that this was a sedan rank [...]

Twenty-one today

It will mean punters with animals, the disabled, especially those in wheelchairs, cyclists with punctures, and unaccompanied children will have no service to enable them to traverse London [...]


Statistically there cannot be more than three Friday thirteenths in any one year, but every year has one and if a month starts on a Sunday then there will be a Friday Thirteenth [...]

Christmas Quiz

If you have been paying interest to the daily trivia posted @cabbieblog you should know most of the answers [...]

The 12 drunks of Christmas

Christmas is a time for coming together. Whether it’s for a family meal, a night out with friends, or a work party, you can guarantee most revellers will be enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two over [...]

Are you being served?

A tradition for many of us ‘baby boomers’ at this time of the year was the annual pilgrimage to one or more of London’s department stores [...]