Thinking allowed

Frederick Hitch

You might ask now what on earth has this to do with CabbieBlog which is written primarily about London [...]

Going Dark

The biggest surprise from West End theatre was an advert tucked away on page 21 [...]

Shrapnel helmets: an iconic London design

The way that soldiers on the Western Front looked changed dramatically during the war [...]

Toxic Tunnel

The second feature of this tunnel is that you cannot breathe, and feel the need to bolt to the other end [...]

They also served coffee

Londoners serving on the Western Front would have encountered there a familiar sight from home: coffee stalls [...]

Honky tonk

Here are the top 10 reasons in which circumstances you are likely to give someone a honk [...]

The Knowledge on stage

It still retains some of the great comic dialogue spoken by the examiner, Mr Burgess [...]

London’s less attractive attractions

Tourists, on the other hand, seem less discerning in their choice, or should that be they are easily persuaded by the advertising [...]

Curzon, a Place of death

He famously drove his lilac Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool, in fact, his own garden pond [...]

‘Mrs’ Everest

She was, truth be told, not the least bit extraordinary in any way, except this: she had a great deal of love in her. [...]