Thinking allowed

‘Mrs’ Everest

She was, truth be told, not the least bit extraordinary in any way, except this: she had a great deal of love in her. [...]

A potted history of cabs

By granting an extension to Uber’s licence to operate in London Sadiq Khan appears to have given up supporting the London Taxi Trade unlike Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Alaska, Iceland, China, Taiwan. As the world’s oldest [...]

A light bulb moment

After so many failures in the past, a comprehensive destruction of an independent cab service, once the envy of the world, is within grasp [...]

London storeys

Therefore, the first floor in London is equivalent to the second floor America, and so on [...]

Losing the Trust

The Victoria and Albert Museum once ran a promotion which read: ’An ace caff with quite a nice museum attached'. [...]

The Rents

For some time I've been trying to find the origin of the 'Rents'. [...]

C4: The Knowledge

The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test - Channel 4 [...]


The bible of the cabbie, the A-Z gives it the possessive squiggle, while Google Maps, the new kid on the block cannot make up its mind [...]

London from an Outsider’s Point of View

Almost wherever you turn in London there is something that grabs your attention, making the city one of the top tourist locations in the world [...]

Taxi! Taxi!

This remarkable film from the old Rank Organisation shows how much the cab trade has changed over the years. The most obvious difference is that cabbies worked for a garage while nowadays all London cabbies are [...]