Urban landscape

From Coach House to Mayfair Mansion

Designed initially as a coach house for the Capel Family, the Earls of Essex, this 8,051 square foot property in the heart of Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, has been transformed, under the [...]

Site Unseen: Courtenay Square

This charming square now has, as one of its residents a prominent Tory backbencher [...]

Down Your Alley: Adam and Eve Court

As everyone is rushing to do their Christmas Shopping, the little alley of Adam and Eve Court is often passed by unnoticed. [...]

Marking Time

In addition, some officers added their initials and even their full name. [...]

Site Unseen: Maggs Bros

A brown tendrilled misty mass is reported to inhabit the upper floor of 50 Berkeley Square [...]

Down Your Alley: Gunpowder Square

I had intended this month’s Down Your Alley to be Guy Fawkes related and Gunpowder Square seemed the perfect place to start [...]

Turner’s House

Sandycombe House has undergone a £2.4 million transformation turning it back to how it was in Turner’s day [...]

Site Unseen: Tower Subway

At Tower Hill sandwiched between Starbucks and McDonald’s, those two behemoths of American culture, is to be found evidence of Victorian ingenuity [...]

Down Your Alley: Craig’s Court

After fruitless attempts to extricate the carriage, a red-faced and by all accounts extremely angry Mr Speaker Onslow had to be extricated through a hole cut in the roof of the carriage [...]

Site Unseen: Boodles Club

The second oldest club in the world, it has more a modern association, in James Bond, M's club, Blades, is modelled on Boodles [...]