Artistic bent

A study in scarlet

Everyone knows that Sherlock Holmes lived at 221b Baker Street, but, there is a problem when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned Sherlock Holmes number 221b didn't exist [...]

Black Cab Sessions

Of the many uses of ‘retired’ cabs featured on CabbieBlog, probably the most famous conversion is Black Cab Sessions which started in 2007 and has toured London and America recording music from the inside of a [...]

The Plagiarised Play

Currently running at the Duchess Theatre is a play in which the protagonists attempt to stage a play in which everything goes wrong. Lauded with praise The Play That Goes Wrong was the 2015 Olivier Award [...]

Type in Thames

When I was a student at what’s now rather grandly named The London College of Communication we would have to compose type by hand in a typeface called Baskerville (I now use that font for reading [...]

One for the road

Near Tower Bridge is an apartment block, well two in fact, and called The Circle. A road runs between these two crescent shaped buildings, and in the centre is a rather magnificent sculpture. The life-size representation [...]

Shakespeare in Love

It is not often that a cabbie gets to play a seminal role in a play, but this happens in one of the scenes from Shakespeare in Love written by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard, with [...]

An office in Vauxhall

It is London’s the worst kept secret, the MI6 building in Vauxhall, everybody knows that James Bond the epitome of a suave and sophisticated Englishman, but highly dangerous agent gets his assignments from within. His club, [...]

Seeing Red – and other colours

For some time now I have been meaning to visit the National Gallery’s summer exhibition – Making Colour, claimed by the organisers to be the first exhibition of its kind in the United Kingdom. The ability to produce [...]

Epstein’s door knob

News that London Underground intends to sell 55 Broadway for conversion into luxury flats for the big knobs of business has prompted me to write about this iconic Art Deco building. But I fear the narrative [...]

The Shock of the Old

Nothing quite prepares you for what must be one of the greatest experiences in London: you’ve enjoyed a pre-theatre drink looking across the Thames at Wren’s masterpiece, itself a view not seen outside any other London [...]