London trivia — 01 January 2017
London Trivia: WERTY Keyboard

On 1 January 1845: The suspect for the murder of Sarah Hart using prussic acid boarded the train at Slough bound for Paddington. The nascent telegraph could not send the letter Q. The message describing the suspect read: ” . . . In the garb of a Kwaker“. John Tawell was the first person to be arrested the result of telecommunications technology. Found guilty he was publicly hanged in Aylesbury on 28 March 1845 watched by a huge crowd.

On-this-dayOn 1 January 1967 George Harrison recognised by the doorman was barred from Annabel’s for not wearing a tie, he went to Lyons Corner House

CrimeThe last man in Britain to be hanged for killing a police officer was Guenther Podola at Wandsworth Prison in 1959

UrbanThe Savoy Hotel has a permanently lit gas lamp near the river entrance powered by methane gas from the sewers

HealthJohn Keats trained as an apothecary/surgeon at Guy’s hospital but he gave up surgery for a precarious existence as a poet

PoliticsNo 10 Downing Street has two front doors, rotated to allow maintenance. The zero is at a slight angle to mimic an earlier one that slipped

ArtsIn 1905 millionaire George Kessler flooded the Savoy’s courtyard to float a gondola, a birthday cake on an elephant’s back and Caruso singing

LeisureA stone in the beer garden wall at the Prospect of Whitby, Wapping identifies the wall as the boundary between Wapping and Limehouse

SportThe ‘Ashes’ are displayed at Lords but the cricket match that led to the ashes being presented is played at the Oval

TransThe first commercial flight from Heathrow was made on 1 January 1946 by South American Airways bound for Buenos Aires in a civilian Lancaster

Work1757 saw publication of Harris’ List of Covent Garden Ladies a directory of prostitutes and their special skills!

MiscIn January 2005, in an attempt to alleviate a problem with loitering young people, the London Underground announced it would play classical music at problem stations

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“The Savoy Hotel has a permanently lit gas lamp near the river entrance powered by methane gas from the sewers”

NOT TRUE! It will be used to burn off or vent excess methane, but powered by town (now natural) gas.