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‘Mr Frieake’ and a gruesome cab fare

Crime: Bigamy & Murder Location: London, England Year: 1874-1875 To his friends and neighbours on East London’s Tredegar Square, Henry Wainwright was “A most respectable man”; pious, married with five children and a devout teetotaller who [...]

10 Weird and Wonderful Places

Put your exploring shoes on and get ready to discover some of London’s most offbeat secret locations [...]

From Coach House to Mayfair Mansion

Designed initially as a coach house for the Capel Family, the Earls of Essex, this 8,051 square foot property in the heart of Mayfair, just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, has been transformed, under the [...]

What You Might Find Roaming Around London’s Storied East End

With historic landmarks and attractions including the London Docklands, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Columbia Road Flower Market and much more to explore [...]

Ancient Inns of the Borough High Street–continued

Borough High Street needs to be studied carefully. It can be considered one of London’s oldest streets. It was laid out by the Romans [...]

Ancient Inns of the Borough High Street

Borough High Street needs to be studied carefully, it can be considered one of London’s oldest streets and was laid out by the Romans [...]

Bugwoman on Location

There was much to love about the area, but the flat had no garden, just a tiny balcony, too small to stand on. Occasionally a woodpigeon or a butterfly would come to visit, but basically I [...]

The first London cab

In 1897, the first motor cabs appeared in London. They were electrically powered and called Berseys, after the manager of the London Electrical Cab  Company, Walter C. Bersey [...]

London from an Outsider’s Point of View

Almost wherever you turn in London there is something that grabs your attention, making the city one of the top tourist locations in the world [...]

Safety First

Many people don't know that cab driving can be a fairly dangerous profession, especially when the proper steps aren't taken to prevent crimes from occurring [...]