: ' London alleys'

Down Your Alley: Angel Place

Charles Dickens went in search of the Marshalsea Prison where his father was jailed for debts [...]

Down Your Alley: Adam and Eve Court

As everyone is rushing to do their Christmas Shopping, the little alley of Adam and Eve Court is often passed by unnoticed. [...]

Down Your Alley: Gunpowder Square

I had intended this month’s Down Your Alley to be Guy Fawkes related and Gunpowder Square seemed the perfect place to start [...]

Down Your Alley: Craig’s Court

After fruitless attempts to extricate the carriage, a red-faced and by all accounts extremely angry Mr Speaker Onslow had to be extricated through a hole cut in the roof of the carriage [...]

Down Your Alley: Craven Passage

To the right of the pub is Craven Passage, which has within it as unusual a pub to be found in the capital [...]

Down Your Alley: The Two Bears

Frequently the tether was too weak or the bear was too strong and the real fun started when the wild animal broke loose [...]

Down Your Alley: Turnagain Lane

I thought Turnagain Lane was the perfect metaphor for what’s going on in the Palace of Westminster [...]

Down Your Alley: Blue Bell Yard

This area should be a hive of activity after the forthcoming General Election if, as predicted, the Conservatives win [...]

Down Your Alley: Greenhill’s Rents

Greenhill’s Rents are to be found just off the south side of Cowcross Street just before the junction with Charterhouse Street [...]

Down Your Alley: Tweezer’s Alley

The oldest legal ceremony in England apart from the coronation itself, the Quit Rents Ceremony, where six horseshoes are presented to the Queen’s Remembrancer [...]