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London Books Review: Bradshaw’s London Guide

The original volume was produced for visitors coming to the capital for the Great International Exhibition of 1862 [...]

London Books Review: Up in Smoke

Now its history and destiny are examined by Peter Watts in his book - Up in Smoke: The failed dreams of Battersea Power Station [...]

London Books Review: The House by the Thames

Gillian Tindall forensically examined a house whose history spanned nearly 450 years in her book The House by the Thames and the people who lived there [...]

London Books Review: London Sight Unseen

The Leaning Tower of Rotherhithe, the sole survivor of this area's industrial past described as "one of the most solitary houses in London" [...]

London Books Review: The Phoenix

Nicholas Barbon who built hundreds of shoddy houses, some at Mincing Lane collapsed because their foundations were inadequate [...]

London Books Review: Curiocity

Not so much Mao's Little Red Book, this tome runs to 450 A4 page and has been described as a love letter to the capital [...]

London Books Review: Bomb Damage Maps

The wealth of detail here was the result of the dangerous and distressing surveys undertaken by 'ruin recorders' in the aftermath of German bombing raids [...]

Train your Brain

I’ve always enjoyed writing but it wasn’t until I picked up one particular fare on an autumn evening some years back that I decided to take it seriously [...]

London Books Review: London Taxi Driver Slang

My favourite is The Gas Works, summed up as The Houses of Parliament: hot air at extortionate prices [...]

A rocky ride

Hoxton was in Davidson’s time, one of the poorest boroughs in London, and in this little account, the author takes you into the Hoxton housing estates full of villains, gangs and young men asserting themselves both [...]