: ' London buildings'

The Angel

Travellers would rest here overnight rather than risk the open land between Islington and the City, which was infested by highwaymen and other thieves [...]

Site Unseen: Maggs Bros

A brown tendrilled misty mass is reported to inhabit the upper floor of 50 Berkeley Square [...]

Turner’s House

Sandycombe House has undergone a £2.4 million transformation turning it back to how it was in Turner’s day [...]

Site Unseen: Tower Subway

At Tower Hill sandwiched between Starbucks and McDonald’s, those two behemoths of American culture, is to be found evidence of Victorian ingenuity [...]

Site Unseen: Boodles Club

The second oldest club in the world, it has more a modern association, in James Bond, M's club, Blades, is modelled on Boodles [...]

Site Unseen: York Watergate

This little arch gives you an idea of how wide the Thames was before the construction of the Victoria Embankment [...]

Windmills of your mind

In 1889 the mill was struck by lighting and in 1900 during a violent storm [...]

Site Unseen: Queen Victoria’s Elephant House

This peculiar structure is referred to as the Elephant House; its title suggests a place where huge mammals once resided [...]

Site Unseen: WH & H LeMay

Are not so much a gem of a building, but just an ornate frontage on a very prosaic building [...]

Royal Albert Hall 150 years old

The building is not actually circular, but more of an oval shap [...]