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Orange Cab

old cabs never die [...]

A light bulb moment

After so many failures in the past, a comprehensive destruction of an independent cab service, once the envy of the world, is within grasp [...]

Cadbury Cab

I saw this cab conversion during the summer outside King’s Cross Station but was unable to find any information as to its nature [...]

What’s the point of . . .

The black cab can trace its lineage back to Oliver Cromwell, but the black cab industry is under threat [...]

A fair fare week

This week we compare and contrast cabs, fares, cabbies and their customers in 1862 with today with its multiplicity of private hire options, phone bookings and apps. Life in Victorian London was conducted at a much [...]

The Black Cab Cafe

Whilst searching the web for more inspired London cab related companies I stumbled across Running on Empty, a mouth wateringly good idea by award-winning Dumfries arts collective The Stove Network. The taxi was part of Scotland’s [...]

The Tipple Taxi

When Transport for London decreed that older cabs should be banned from the streets of London they couldn’t have guessed that with a little imagination the number of different uses these old workhorses would be put. [...]

The hearse cab

Old cabbies never die; they just join the rank in the sky. Here is another in the occasional series which features uses for which the eponymous London taxi has been put. London Taxi Exports once had [...]

The BBQ Cab Company

Here is more proof that old cabs never due, they just become food retail outlets. This occasional series features innovative uses for London cabs once Boris has deemed them ‘unfit for purpose’. Today features Andrew Brown, [...]

The Ice Cream Cab

It never fails to amaze me the uses that the London cab can be put once it stops ferrying passengers around. He is another in the occasional series of novel uses for cabs. Tom, a cabbie [...]