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Murder in a London cab

Flo Dudley, whose birth name was Florence Alice Bernadette Dudley, was a beautiful young woman with a striking figure who hailed from a good family in County Wexford, Ireland, and who, at the height of her [...]

Time Gentlemen, Please!

This hostelry tucked down a smart quiet street in Belgravia has, over time, lost more of its punters to Her Majesty’s pleasure than your average boozer. Any criminal now sampling the pub’s delights have in all [...]

Albert Pierrepoint

Albert Pierrepoint is not as well known today. If it wasn’t for Timothy Spall’s depiction of England’s last hangman in a recent film he would by now have been forgotten. Following in the footsteps of his father [...]

A Quack’s Cure

Lionel Lockyer is not a person on everybody’s lips these days, but there was a time his name or at least his product was on the lips of every well heeled person in Georgian London. For [...]

The Finger of Blame

On the night of 26th June 1902 petty thief Harry Jackson broke into a billiard room situated where King’s College Hospital now stands on Denmark Hill and pocketed some balls. He left behind a grimy thumb [...]

Exploding the legend

Ask most children in England what happens on the 5th November and they would tell you that it is Guy Fawkes night. It is a night we commemorate when in 1605 some Catholics in England expecting the new Stuart [...]

A close shave

For many years I’ve thought of Sweeny Todd as an urban myth, alongside Robin Hood and King Arthur, but a book by the late Peter Haining Sweeny Todd: The Real Story of The Demon Barber of [...]

Eyes forward

riving a London cab gives you a panoramic view both of the road and into other drivers’ vehicles as they stop beside you and it was with that advantage a couple of years ago I noticed [...]

Sidney Street Siege

One hundred years ago today an incident occurred in east London that brought to the public’s attention a man that 28 years later would lead Britain in its fight against Hitler. In the first decade of [...]