: ' London statutes'

Churchill banishes dandruff

ocated on a spot referred to in the 1950s by Churchill as “where my statue will go” and unveiled by his widow Lady Clementine Spencer-Churchill in 1973. Winston Churchill’s 12 ft bronze statute gazes towards Westminster [...]

Cracking the Coade

Standing on Westminster Bridge guarding the gateway to south London stands the 13-ton South Bank Lion, made from London’s famous artificial stone, said to be the most durable and weatherproof of any such material so far [...]

Becoming a girl

ear with me on this one, but I fear I might be turning into a girl. And while I realise that I might possibly be reacting in a slightly hysterical manner about this, obviously this only [...]

© Gibson Square 2010

This year marks the tri-centenary of the © symbol – -legislation enacted during the reign of Queen Anne, the Queen that chair legs have been name after, itself rather curious for as when Queen Anne was [...]

Mythical Creatures

his Sunday is the start of the Chinese New Year when we enter the year of the Tiger; it is the sign of courage, a fearless and fiery fighter revered by the ancient Chinese as the [...]

London’s Zoo

sk any American tourist to name an animal statute in London and they would, in all probability, say the Trafalgar Square Lions, so for all our Colonial Cousins what better place to start than with these [...]