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Taxi! Taxi!

This remarkable film from the old Rank Organisation shows how much the cab trade has changed over the years. The most obvious difference is that cabbies worked for a garage while nowadays all London cabbies are [...]

MegaBooth Taxi

This started as the occasional post about conversions of retired cabs that have been deemed as unfit for purpose by Transport for London. But I am discovering so many ingenious ways that have turned redundant vehicles [...]

1 in 60

It’s not far away! Soon the London media will be crammed with stories about Christmas: will companies be putting on a bash for a job well done; what to wear; how to stay sober; and that [...]

Campin’ Cabs

There’s an apocryphal story of an old cabbie that would sleep in Heathrow Airport’s feeder rank sitting in the back of his cab hunched over a primus stove cooking his full English. A Carriage Officer who [...]

Cabbie’s dead end

Driving a cab in the 19th century must have been a pretty tough occupation, so it’s hardly surprising that George Smith would like to ‘fortify’ himself before starting work, but in so doing history was made [...]

Stamp of approval

As it makes its swan song on London’s streets the ‘classic’ taxi is getting the recognition it rightfully deserves from an organisation whose own future is also uncertain. The Royal Mail recently issued a series of [...]

Morris London taxi to be auctioned

Having survived the Blitz as well as the addition of ballast in the form of an unexploded bomb, a car thought to be the sole surviving Morris London Taxi will make the journey to Brooklands for [...]

Un-Fare: Sacrificed At The Green Altar

Today we have a guest post from Brian who writes about London at the Capital Letters Blog, his insights include taxis and life generally. His polemical view of today’s regulation by TfL of the Capital’s transport [...]

An icon’s swansong

The other day my cab broke down – gearbox in case you were wondering – and I found myself driving, as a replacement, an old Fairway of the type American tourists love. It’s hardly surprising, if [...]

Sherbets lose their fizz

By the end of next year the archetypal cabs both loved and loathed in equal measure by the drivers will not be seen plying for hire in London. The FX4 first appeared on the street in [...]