: ' London tourists'

London’s less attractive attractions

Tourists, on the other hand, seem less discerning in their choice, or should that be they are easily persuaded by the advertising [...]

Cockney not spoken here

Some places in London the indigenous populace is almost non-existent [...]

Is London going to be hosting F1 street races?

The notion of Formula One racing taking place on the streets of central London has been around for a while now, and new laws currently being rushed through Parliament may mean that a London Grand Prix [...]

The Pace of London

You can always spot the tourist, in fact it seems that during rush hour Londoners are obsessed with identifying the culprits. Whether he’s standing on the wrong side of the escalator or walking too slowly along [...]

A blinking nuisance

It’s that time of year when the tourists start migrating to London. Thousands of them descend on the streets forming long conga-lines each one of them intent on following the leader, but unlike native Londoners they [...]