Window on my world — 23 August 2009

quill This blog is six months old today and your humble scribe has been amazed by the number of hits this site has received from you all out there in Cyber Space. Total hits to date wordpress com stats

This list is by way of a thank you to everybody who has commented on my posts, in praise or otherwise, and those linking their site to CabbieBlog. Just think of it as a spot of mutual back scratching.

The Cabbies Capital; Silver Tiger; The Londonist; Crafty People; I Am London; Cabbie Blog; Diamond Geezer; Evening Standard; Channel 4; Europe a la carte; House Price Crash; London Leben; Warm Tea and Sympathy; London Bobby; The Robinsons Music; Jazamatazz; Shenelles Blog; Mellor; Rachel-Catherine; Patrick Hamilton; Dave

If I have omitted any of you out there and you want including please post your site address on the comment button above. Or maybe you’d like to click on a few of these links to see what you’re missing.

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  1. Congratulations on your first 6 months! Keep it up, great blog. My last post on my own blog was about how great you cabbies are here in London; do check it out. Your city appreciates you hugely!

    • Thanks for your encouragement, we all try our best

  2. Congratulations on your first half year! May it be the first of many.

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