Window on my world — 21 December 2012

First a word of apology to any of you who have been good enough to sign-up for CabbieBlog update e-mails. New posts have been uploaded every hour.

There is a reason for this, and frankly your humble scribe can only fall on his sword (or should that be pen?) for making the most elementary oversight in computing –

The first lesson in computing is that you are not Orville Wright flying by the seat of your pants, you adopt a belt and braces approach to everything you do. So when CabbieBlog revamped itself at the start of the London 2012 Olympics and went self-hosted in the process, what hasn’t been done since July was – yes a BACK-UP.

So last week anxious to upgrade to the latest WordPress release, before it had been tested out on some other mugs users, and ignoring the warning to BACK-UP your site before downloading, that is precisely that your scribe did, rendering the back-end inoperative.

But, hey! Within 24 hours the WordPress community had found a solution, but as they say (in politics) a day in a long time.

That 24-hour period was just enough time for the vomiting bug to start to work its magic and take over my brain and well as my stomach, and as I was to find out – my common sense.

Next lesson for today, don’t, just don’t work on any sysgen while your brain isn’t connected to your fingers, you could – as I can testify – overwrite your entire blog.

So dear reader the fact you are able to read this at all is due to three long days, while recovering from a bug that has affected nearly one million people, hunched over my keyboard trying desperately to remember every piece of styling that went into CabbieBlog.

So now rather than imitate Orville Wright by flying by the seat of your pants I have preserved the work that I have sweated over and have a system that performs a regular BACK-UP.

I still use the WordPress platform (although we are not a speaking terms yet) and now use the services of blogVault. At £1.50 per week it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. All I need to do now is to recover my full mental faculties and unfortunately there isn’t a company out there willing to take on that recovery.

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  1. i don’t know if it is suitable but you could make some tips for writing in a blog. that would help a lot. mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo mestreseo

    • We I have a post scheduled for CabbieBlog’s 4th anniversary on the 23rd February 2013. ‘My 21 tips to blogging’

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear the bug of the season has caught you! Hope you feel better soon, and glad to hear you managed to reclaim your blogging ‘back catalogue’.

    • Much of my back catalogue was only stored in ‘Word’ all has had to be re-formatted. Ho Hum!!

  3. Please don’t be too harsh on yourself, it happens to the best of us.

    My line manager who holds a rather senior position in one of the biggest technology companies in the UK, with some 20+ years experience under his belt spent his birthday this week pulling a 36 hour shift restoring from backup. While also nursing a nasty dose of “Man Flu”. The lesson learnt is that although backups where performed daily other the past 18 months, no one had checked that
    A. They where valid
    B. What the process was to restore them.
    It’s now apparent that VMware images kept in memory, tend not to write to disk that frequently 🙂

    • I should have known better, having worked on systems when we backed up – don’t laugh – with reel-to-reel magnetic tape. Anyhow I now have get my head around CSS code to re- restyle my stylesheet. Happy Christmas!

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