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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

A Happy New Year to anybody who stumbles across this blog, whether by accident or by design. In keeping with the tradition of making a New Year resolution only to break it within one week, I [...]

The Cabman’s Nemesis

Today we have a guest post from Heather Tweed which first appeared on the Public Domain Review site, under the title Mrs Giacometti Prodgers, the Cabman’s Nemesis. Here Heather Tweed explores the story of Mrs Giacometti Prodgers [...]

Grumpy! That’s a Laugh

London’s taxi drivers have in the past been identified as the country’s grumpiest workers. A survey found that traffic jams, the rising cost of petrol and drunken passengers meant that cabbies rarely managed a chortle all [...]

Orange Street

His body was exhumed, the head reaffixed to the body and he sat unknowingly for his portrait [...]

A paddle on the Thames

I have a tenuous connection with this venerable ship as this historical craft was first launched in the year of my birth [...]


It has been 8 years, almost to the day, since I started CabbieBlog with the first post given the prosaic title: Make a Cuppa and do The Knowledge [...]

The Black Cab Cafe

Whilst searching the web for more inspired London cab related companies I stumbled across Running on Empty, a mouth wateringly good idea by award-winning Dumfries arts collective The Stove Network. The taxi was part of Scotland’s [...]

Lies, damned lies

and statistics . . . There is more to a blog than just writing: design, load speed, and your Google ranking among others. One aspect that all ‘experts’ tell you to avoid is statistics, which means, [...]

The Tipple Taxi

When Transport for London decreed that older cabs should be banned from the streets of London they couldn’t have guessed that with a little imagination the number of different uses these old workhorses would be put. [...]

Blue Book run number one

It is the only Blue Book run that many Londoners know – Manor House to Gibson Square. The prospective cabbies’ itinerary the Blue Book – which had of course a pink cover – and nestled between [...]