An urban view

Ostler’s Hut

Within a short time the advent of the motor car just a few years later, he was soon out of a job and the building was never used again [...]

Undiscovered Hippy Homes

If ever there was a place in London which shows the capital to be a collection of villages, it's little community [...]

Bloomsbury Blues

The 'golden age' of motoring when it was possible to fill your tank and spend a penny in central London [...]

Hidden from view, the Centre Point fountains

TfL: ‘simply not relevant to put something back that does not function' [...]

The typefaces of London

he journey from the busiest railway station in London, straight away one comes across a typeface that was made and has seen a good share of its usage right here [...]

A trip to the Tower

A special act of parliament had to be passed making it the only building in the UK that can be legally evacuated by lift. [...]

London Leviathan

Whatever the truth was, the SS Great Eastern was certainly a jinxed ship [...]

The elephant in the room

So out went Rodney Gordon’s box of glass, which would have allowed the public to see the London Underground transformer beneath [...]

Beavering away

In 1797 Mr Hetherington wore a top hat on the streets of London a large crowd gathered around and he was arrested and accused of disturbing the public order [...]


When it comes to preserving Britain’s heritage, it is often small groups of enthusiasts who end up doing all the heavy lifting. This certainly goes for the fine volunteers behind the Stretcher Railing Society, who are [...]