Puppydog tails

Aquatic cabbies of old

In their open boats exposed to the elements, they were a hardy breed who ferried people across the Thames in all weathers [...]

It’s a Corker of a leg

This class of limb purchased in Cork Street became known as a ‘Cork Leg’ to distinguish it from the primitively made ‘Peg Leg’ [...]

A bitter pill for all

’Doctor’ Butler had no medical qualifications, but that didn’t stop him selling an evil concoction of laxatives [...]

Bradshaw’s London Guide

As late as between the two world wars, the verb 'to Bradshaw' was a derogatory term [...]

Is this London’s first nimby?

Despite fierce local opposition to the proposal, Yerkes won the Parliamentary permission he needed for his ambitious, if not dubious scheme [...]

I could eat a horse, and other animals

They were treated to roasted hedgehog, grilled crocodile streak, slug soup, horse's tongue, boiled elephant trunk and boiled porpoise head [...]


He invented the phrase ‘Only – Shopping Days until Christmas’ [...]

Gallic Snug

The French House sells more Ricard than anywhere else in Britain [...]

Bashing the bishop

The Mitre today claims to be the oldest pub in London [...]

Hanway’s pernicious brew

The umbrella of Hanway's, which at the time was called a portable room [...]