Puppydog tails

Hanway’s pernicious brew

The umbrella of Hanway's, which at the time was called a portable room [...]

Where do the City’s extremities lie today?

Where it extends to in the north, how far east it goes, where its centre is? [...]

Gold shoulder and James Bond

As life became increasingly uncomfortable in Europe this creative milieu was joined by many Jews, left-wingers and intellectuals all of whom the Nazi’s disapproved [...]

Liquid history and mudlarking

During the overnight stop between London and Windsor, his coffin suddenly split open, and dogs were found licking his remains [...]

Ghost lights

Another tale is of a dispute over a wig [...]

Churchill banishes dandruff

Any pigeon thinking of evacuating its bowels on Churchill’s bald pate is soon put off by an unpleasant tingling in its feet [...]

Cabbie’s dead end

The hapless cabbie must have thought it just wasn’t his day, his brush with death – whilst driving his cab [...]

Epstein’s door knob

There was a storm of reactionary fury, with newspaper leader columns advising men not to let their wives and daughters see these abominations [...]

Pull the other leg

Foote turned the leg amputation to his advantage by writing many highly successful one-legged comedies with him in the starring role [...]

The Mousetrap ensnares tourists

The play entered the record books on 12th April 1958 becoming the longest running show in the history of the British theatre [...]