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London’s Beer Flood

The scene of the capital’s most bizarre tragedy - the London beer flood [...]

London books review: Abstracts of Black Cab Lore

Who is it that hunts in a pack but is unseen by all? [...]

The Curse of Falstaff

But the strangest fact about this area is that businesses fail to thrive with a turnover rate far higher than elsewhere [...]

Bonaparte’s Body Parts

In 1916 the descendants sold his collection of Bonaparte's artefacts to a British rare book firm [...]

London Books Review: The Great Trees of London

There are not many times in a person’s life when they know precisely what they were doing on a particular day and time [...]

Welsh dairies

J. Evans Dairy a Grade II listed building on the corner of Warren Street and Conway Street. Built 1793 and tiles circ. 1916 a rare surviving example of a Welsh dairy. T IS A CUT THROUGH [...]

Dead boring

It’s the stuff of a science fiction writer’s dreams. Excavating in London one finds something buried that should have remained entombed forever. In the late 1950s, BBC Television transmitted the Quatermass trilogy, culminating in Quatermass and [...]

Photographing London: Iconic Locations and Hidden Gems

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. There are so many iconic and historical sites that, as a photographer, it can be hard to know where to get started. Whether you’re a tourist [...]

A close shave in Fleet Street

In a city, which by the standards of today we would find nauseating, the stench of rotting bodies in the area prompted the Courant to investigate [...]

Famous Fictional Front Doors

ONDON HAS ALWAYS been a rich seam for novelists, its diverse population from every corner of the world, 2,000 year history and a wonderful varied architecture makes for works of fiction. Here is a CabbieBlog’s illustrated list of [...]