Puppydog tails

Pull the other leg

Foote turned the leg amputation to his advantage by writing many highly successful one-legged comedies with him in the starring role [...]

The Mousetrap ensnares tourists

The play entered the record books on 12th April 1958 becoming the longest running show in the history of the British theatre [...]

“Where to, Guv’?”

It was an e-mail from the public relations department of a games manufacturer which prompted me to write this post, that, and a touch of post-Easter Festivities writer’s block. Jim Walker a cabbie colleague of mine [...]

A New River for London

There cannot be many commoners who have given their name to so many parts of London as Sir Hugh Myddleton (or had their name misspelt as much), and today marks the 400th anniversary of the opening [...]

When I were a nipper

When I were a nipper at about this time of year we would go up West to see the annual pantomime at the London Palladium. In the early 1950s, the Palladium would always have its annual [...]

I’m the Only Running Footman PH

London still has many pubs left that are worthy of a visit. Most have the usual generic names: Red Lion, Royal Oak, Builder’s Arms or King’s Head. But one to be found in Mayfair has what [...]

Dark Satanic Mills

Food producers adulterating our food is a recurring problem and the practice has gone on for centuries. When the Albion Flour Mills opened the traditional millers – who feared the factory would drive their wind and [...]

Pagans, prostitutes and paupers graveyard

There is a small plot of land in Redcross Way that must rank as one of the most melancholy places in London. For buried within an area of less than ¼ acre lie 15,000 souls. For [...]

London’s Beer Flood

The scene of the capital’s most bizarre tragedy - the London beer flood [...]

London books review: Abstracts of Black Cab Lore

Who is it that hunts in a pack but is unseen by all? [...]