Thinking allowed

Victorian cab life

From about 1800 drivers had to be registered, of all places, the Sewers Office [...]

London Taxi drivers Charity for Children

To their surprise, all their cabs had been destroyed by a German bomb. Amazingly, the shelter survived with just some superficial damage. [...]

Hore-Belisha’s babies

Those crossing points are the fault of the gloriously named Leslie Hore-Belisha [...]

Statistics 2018

Here's the annual blogging statistics for 2018 for all of you who are fascinated in this sort of data [...]

Marie Colvin’s church

Maria Calvin who died in the Syrian city of Homs made this speech at St. Bride's on 10th November, 2010 [...]

Stand out from the crowd

Running your own business is an excellent antidote to complaining [...]

A Sneak Peek at the redesign

The current design has been used since the 2012 Olympics and although I still like the layout I've always felt that the typography was a little difficult to read being displayed in a small sans typeface [...]

A match made in Hell

In the summer of 1888 what happened in this building was to change the history of the labour movement [...]

London around the world

The World Gazetteers lists 27 other Londons of which 18 are in the United States alone [...]

Christmas Quiz 2018

If you have been paying interest to the daily trivia posted @cabbieblog you should know most of the answers [...]