Thinking allowed

Cabbie detritus

For years this phone has been at the front of the taxi rank in Langham Place. Totally forgotten about, it sits there waiting to ring [...]

London’s original coffee house

Starbucks might produce a more sophisticated brew but the convivial atmosphere where debate originated was here [...]

Delay at Victoria Station

In was to become one of the most celebrated events to act out above London during the Battle of Britain [...]

Gutenberg to Zuckerberg

Writers create, some suffer from the condition known as hypergraphia - the overwhelming urge to write [...]

Un-Fare: Sacrificed At The Green Altar

The London taxi will become nothing more than a curious antiquity [...]

Lost in translation

You are flummoxed, but you must never reveal this, you’re the world authority on everything London, right? [...]

A gaping problem

As a consequence despite billions being spent on planning, building, refurbishing and rebuilding our trains just don’t fit the stations [...]

Victorian cab life

From about 1800 drivers had to be registered, of all places, the Sewers Office [...]

London Taxi drivers Charity for Children

To their surprise, all their cabs had been destroyed by a German bomb. Amazingly, the shelter survived with just some superficial damage. [...]

Hore-Belisha’s babies

Those crossing points are the fault of the gloriously named Leslie Hore-Belisha [...]