Thinking allowed

Statistics 2018

Here's the annual blogging statistics for 2018 for all of you who are fascinated in this sort of data [...]

Marie Colvin’s church

Maria Calvin who died in the Syrian city of Homs made this speech at St. Bride's on 10th November, 2010 [...]

Stand out from the crowd

Running your own business is an excellent antidote to complaining [...]

A Sneak Peek at the redesign

The current design has been used since the 2012 Olympics and although I still like the layout I've always felt that the typography was a little difficult to read being displayed in a small sans typeface [...]

A match made in Hell

In the summer of 1888 what happened in this building was to change the history of the labour movement [...]

London around the world

The World Gazetteers lists 27 other Londons of which 18 are in the United States alone [...]

Christmas Quiz 2018

If you have been paying interest to the daily trivia posted @cabbieblog you should know most of the answers [...]

Not in my name

E ALL LIKE TO COMPLAIN and if really aggrieved, protest to make our point, or to change the world. But for having protesters with the greatest tenacity, London would appear to lead the way, we have of [...]

4,821 can’t be wrong

I drive the world’s best taxi giving a level of service that is second to none. How do I know? Well, the annual survey of 4,821 respondents from 23 countries by has revealed that London [...]

Dr. Johnson’s magnum opus

Johnson has become the capital’s favourite adopted son, he is the most quoted person in the English language after Shakespeare [...]