Thinking allowed

The Flag

Just inside Westminster Abbey’s Great West Door in St. George’s Chapel there hangs a faded, flimsy Union Jack, this unprepossessing 8ft-wide flag is one of the poignant artefacts from the First World War. The flag was in [...]

Demographic analysis

ondon’s first French-language terrestrial radio station broadcasts to the capital’s 400,000 native French speakers as a reminder of their own culture, but why are so many French institutions based around South Kensington? It’s a subject that [...]

London In Quotations

By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show. Samuel Johnson, as quoted by James Boswell in The Life of Samuel Johnson [...]

Anglia & Angst

BeetleyPete started blogging only 6 years ago, but in that short time has developed a strong following [...]

Get lost Tom-Tom

It is giving them an inaccurate signal telling them they are standing in the middle of the Thames when patiently they are standing in Trafalgar Square [...]

Maurice Cheepen

For some, with a seemingly safer war, were hugely valuable in raising the morale of Londoners [...]

The Cab Driver Who Saved the World!

They said they were trying to stop a weekend of disasters forecast by astrologers because of a rare ‘line up’ in Space of five planets [...]

The Ripper enjoys a chop

The card is smeared on both sides with blood, which has evidently been impressed thereon by the thumb or finger of the writer, the corrugated surface of the skin being plainly shown [...]

Heaven’s Rank

Ever wondered about the hackney coachman or the hansom cab driver of yesteryear? Who was he? Where did he come from? How old was he? How long did he work as a cabman? [...]

A car crash of an idea

A taxi-cab driver at the inquest that the vehicle was incapable of travelling in excess of 4½ miles-an-hour and the jury returned a verdict of accidental death, the coroner optimistically opining that he hoped “such a [...]