An urban view — 24 August 2018

Since this week’s post about a falconer, I’ve been trying to find an alley which has a connection with falcons. There is plenty of mews reflecting their possibly original function to confine hawks while they moulted, but few Falcons.

After the rebuilding of this area to make way for Crossrail I’m not even sure that Falconberg Mews and Alley still as vehicles are not allowed to drive through Soho Square.

FALCONBERG COURT is a few paces south from Tottenham Court Road Station on the west side of Charing Cross Road. The Court leads, by way of Falconberg Mews and Sutton Row, into Soho Square where once stood the house of Lord Falconberg, built about 1680 and demolished in 1924.

Falconberg Court leaves the main street beneath an archway and continues westerly, passing between rows of tall grubby warehouse type buildings on either side. Although the Court is open to daylight throughout most of its length, the blackness of the walls and dismal paving create an overall spooky atmosphere. At the far end is Falconberg Mews, an equally unsavoury place, and turning left here leads to Sutton Row where a right turn, along the side of St Patrick’s Roman Catholic church, opens into Soho Square – a more gratifying panorama.

CabbieBlog-cabMuch of the original source material for Down Your Alley has been derived from Ivor Hoole’s GeoCities website. The site is now defunct and it is believed Ivor is no more. Thankfully much of Ivor’s work has been archived by Ian Visits and Phil Gyford.

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