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In Blog We Trust

For regular readers (the few out there who might be left), they will have noticed a change in direction for CabbieBlog during this week. As is the custom here two bespoke posts for your edification – [...]

Half-a-million and counting

Writing is hard work. Fortunately, that hard work is only mental now, it wasn’t always so. At one time writing meant chiselling on a piece of rock or dipping a quill into homemade ink and scribbling [...]

Happy Birthday CabbieBlog

Today marks an anniversary; it is four years since CabbieBlog started. Just let me open my presents and blow out my candles and I’ll be with you in a moment. After sampling other platforms – including [...]

Bloggers block

I could have entitled this post . . . and why won’t the blog just write itself, for my New Year resolution that I must spend more time writing and less fiddling with the nuts and bolts [...]

Blogging like Orville Wright

First a word of apology to any of you who have been good enough to sign-up for CabbieBlog update e-mails. New posts have been uploaded every hour. There is a reason for this, and frankly your [...]

Caveat Scriptor

  It is humbling and to be frank a little frightening to acknowledge today that CabbieBlog, the web log that seeks to celebrate and criticise London in equal measure, has passed a quarter of a million [...]

CabbieBlog’s Milestone

In February of this year I started CabbieBlog, a bi-weekly compilation of thoughts and observations from a London cabbie. Along the way I have touched on subjects as diverse as Gordon Brown to Human Lavatories (maybe [...]

Electric Ink

Sitting in my garret chewing the end of my proverbial pencil composing this post for your erudition, it occurred to me that electric ink has empowered all us wannabee authors. With the passing of the brilliant columnist [...]

Blogger Bonding

This blog is six months old today and your humble scribe has been amazed by the number of hits this site has received from you all out there in Cyber Space. Total hits to date This [...]