: ' buildings of london'

Bloomsbury Blues

The 'golden age' of motoring when it was possible to fill your tank and spend a penny in central London [...]

Gold shoulder and James Bond

As life became increasingly uncomfortable in Europe this creative milieu was joined by many Jews, left-wingers and intellectuals all of whom the Nazi’s disapproved [...]

Site Unseen: Syd’s Coffee Stall

It was 22nd March 1919, exactly 100 years ago, when Sydney Tothill spent his modest invalidity pension on a tea stall [...]

Dr. Johnson’s magnum opus

Johnson has become the capital’s favourite adopted son, he is the most quoted person in the English language after Shakespeare [...]

Hornor’s Panorama

It is remarkable that St. Paul’s should have been built under the supervision of only one master-builder, Thomas Strong [...]

Site Unseen: Inner and Middle Temple

Open to the public during daylight hours the Inner and Middle Temples have a rather private appearance which probably put off many curious visitors [...]

Cabinet of Curiosities

ll men like to collect and catalogue ‘stuff’ and Victorian gentlemen were no different from today’s men. Amongst their collections could be found animal skulls, fossils, shells, a miniature book or maybe a small timepiece. They [...]

Site Unseen: Colcutt Tower

At nearly 300ft. Colcutt’s Tower is higher than the dome of St. Paul’s [...]

Site Unseen: Winfield House

On the eve of the arrival of America’s most controversial modern President, we’re looking at a house only accessible after interrogation by armed police officers [...]

Site Unseen: Norman Shaw Building

So, there you have it, a sewer system, abandoned opera house, a dead body, a failed investigation and now home to our Honourable Members [...]