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Anglia & Angst

BeetleyPete started blogging only 6 years ago, but in that short time has developed a strong following [...]

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Fluency meant you were very much an insider, and thus more likely to be seen as trustworthy or sympathetic by your peers [...]

Outdoor Play the London Way – 4 of London’s Best Royal Parks

If you’re planning a trip to London, check out the park nearest to your destination and factor in some time for outdoor play [...]

Art Deco in London

Some of the most incredible Art Deco architecture in the world can be found in London [...]

London myths debunked

Here are three more misconceptions about London [...]

Notting Hill – An Interesting History

However, although Notting Hill is now renowned for being cool and sought after, it has not always been so fashionable [...]

10 reasons to live in London

10 excellent reasons why young professionals want to live in London [...]

Good reasons to move to Enfield

If you are thinking of living in North London, take a look at Enfield in the London Borough of Enfield. Sitting on the edge of North West London close to beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, it’s an attractive [...]

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Charlotte Gunnell is a blogger on a mission to find quiet, cultured and unusual corners of London, then blog about them at A Peace of London. One she has found is tucked away in Epping Forest, [...]

Bolding’s Grosvenor Works

Bolding’s factory, or to give them their full name, John Bolding & Sons Grosvenor Works, were situated at 56-58 Davies Street from 1891 to 1969. The building nowadays holds Grays Antique Centre with small antique shops positioned [...]