: ' London alleys'

Down Your Alley White Hart Court

This was one of the two main London hospitals for 'distracted people' and occupied the site of the present Liverpool Street mainline station, founded by Simon Fitzmary [...]

Down Your Alley: Herbal Hill

The demand for herbs in a large city like London was such that some gardeners dedicated their entire grounds to the cultivation of herbs [...]

Down Your Alley: Alderman’s Walk

Alderman’s Walk is one of those names that tend to spark off thoughts of summery strolls along well-kept tree-lined avenues. Indeed, if we were contemplating our walk in a suburban village or almost any place other [...]

Down Your Alley: The Falconbergs

At the far end is Falconberg Mews, an equally unsavoury place [...]

Down Your Alley: Oranges and Lemons

Today we go all oranges and lemons, William of Orange could have had associations with Orange Yard. Nell Gwyn may have trudged down here on one of her excursions [...]

Down Your Alley: The Elys

Those who commit crimes today are just as likely to be arrested in Ely Place as anywhere else. [...]

The Secret Door

Here's an opportunity to discover Narnia in London, by going through a secret door and find that you are in a different world [...]

Down Your Alley: Sugar Bakers Court

He moved his business from this Court to a convenient location in Ludgate Hill, from there he could look out of his window and model wedding cakes on the spire of St Bride's church [...]

Down Your Alley: Great Scotland Yard

Curiously Scotland Yard to most is synonymous with London’s Metropolitan Police Force. Even some of their most famous, or infamous policemen had ‘of the Yard’ as a suffix to their names [...]

Down Your Alley: Guildhall Yard

Peering around the east end of the church of St Lawrence Jewry brings into view one of London's most distinguished buildings; this is Guildhall Yard and directly ahead is the Guildhall itself [...]