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Hidden from view, the Centre Point fountains

TfL: ‘simply not relevant to put something back that does not function' [...]

Epstein’s door knob

There was a storm of reactionary fury, with newspaper leader columns advising men not to let their wives and daughters see these abominations [...]

Peel House

After going some hundred yards, City Constable 212 jumped on to the back seat, and, seizing the reins, managed to stop it just as it was running into a railway van [...]

Site Unseen: The Hive

For adults, it is all very disorientating looking up through the maze of rods, accompanied by flashing lights and a constant hum [...]

The Hive

Get closer and its conception becomes more apparent. A low humming sound and hundreds of LED lights draw you into the installation [...]

My Tower Poppy

Like many I watched the red sea of poppies slowly fill the Tower’s moat and on one cold night in October when the installation was about half completed I joined many others watching as a full [...]

Seeing Red – and other colours

For some time now I have been meaning to visit the National Gallery’s summer exhibition – Making Colour, claimed by the organisers to be the first exhibition of its kind in the United Kingdom. The ability to produce [...]

Epstein’s door knob

News that London Underground intends to sell 55 Broadway for conversion into luxury flats for the big knobs of business has prompted me to write about this iconic Art Deco building. But I fear the narrative [...]

Urban philistines

Are we becoming a city of philistines? I ask this as public art is becoming more vulnerable to deliberate damage or theft, for until recently works of art left out in public spaces only had to [...]

Where are the Centre Point fountains?

There cannot be many post-war buildings which have stoked up as much controversy as Centre Point. Designed by Richard Seifert this brutalist building was completed in 1966 and at 398ft was the second highest in London. [...]