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Bradshaw’s London Guide

As late as between the two world wars, the verb 'to Bradshaw' was a derogatory term [...]

London books review: Abstracts of Black Cab Lore

Who is it that hunts in a pack but is unseen by all? [...]

London Books Review: Streets of Sin

In October 2010 I got a fare to take a famous writer to his home which presciently was situated near the summit of one of the most famous hills in London – Notting Hill. Richard Curtis [...]

London Books Review: Bradshaw’s London Guide

The original volume was produced for visitors coming to the capital for the Great International Exhibition of 1862 [...]

London Books Review: Up in Smoke

Now its history and destiny are examined by Peter Watts in his book - Up in Smoke: The failed dreams of Battersea Power Station [...]

London Books Review: The House by the Thames

Gillian Tindall forensically examined a house whose history spanned nearly 450 years in her book The House by the Thames and the people who lived there [...]

London Books Review: London Sight Unseen

The Leaning Tower of Rotherhithe, the sole survivor of this area's industrial past described as "one of the most solitary houses in London" [...]

London Books Review: The Phoenix

Nicholas Barbon who built hundreds of shoddy houses, some at Mincing Lane collapsed because their foundations were inadequate [...]

London Books Review: Curiocity

Not so much Mao's Little Red Book, this tome runs to 450 A4 page and has been described as a love letter to the capital [...]

London Books Review: Bomb Damage Maps

The wealth of detail here was the result of the dangerous and distressing surveys undertaken by 'ruin recorders' in the aftermath of German bombing raids [...]