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The Cabman’s Nemesis

Today we have a guest post from Heather Tweed which first appeared on the Public Domain Review site, under the title Mrs Giacometti Prodgers, the Cabman’s Nemesis. Here Heather Tweed explores the story of Mrs Giacometti Prodgers [...]

A car crash of an idea

A taxi-cab driver at the inquest that the vehicle was incapable of travelling in excess of 4½ miles-an-hour and the jury returned a verdict of accidental death, the coroner optimistically opining that he hoped “such a [...]

Graffiti cab

Another in the occasional series ‘old cabs never die’ [...]

Killed by a cab

When it was finished, the good colonel dashed across the roads to admire his creation, tripped and was bowled over by a cab [...]

Bill of fare

Built in 1906, this Cabbies' shelter can be found in Grosvenor Gardens and is one of the last of only 13 still standing in London [...]

Orange Cab

old cabs never die [...]

A light bulb moment

After so many failures in the past, a comprehensive destruction of an independent cab service, once the envy of the world, is within grasp [...]

Cadbury Cab

I saw this cab conversion during the summer outside King’s Cross Station but was unable to find any information as to its nature [...]

What’s the point of . . .

The black cab can trace its lineage back to Oliver Cromwell, but the black cab industry is under threat [...]

A fair fare week

This week we compare and contrast cabs, fares, cabbies and their customers in 1862 with today with its multiplicity of private hire options, phone bookings and apps. Life in Victorian London was conducted at a much [...]