: ' London curios'

Armadillo swallows London Stone

An unprepossessing piece of limestone, measuring about 18 inches across, if found in a field, one would ignore it [...]

Going Japanese

The idea that in 1885 there was a Japanese village located in Knightsbridge, the heart of bustling Victorian colonialism, may strike many as something more akin to today’s multi-cultural London [...]

Soggy Angels

London in those days was renowned for rain [...]

Rolling Stone

London’s most travelled artefact has moved yet again. London Stone, a Grade II* chunk of limestone some 20″ wide, 16″ high and 17″ deep of a substance (oolitic) that is not local to the London area [...]

Dancing on the dead

You might have seen on the sidebar that my Christmas read has been Dirty Old London: The Victorians fight against filth by Lee Jackson. The book is a real eye-opener about just how awful were the [...]

Ill met by moonlight

Rarely do I find myself in this illustrious road, which within it are the Russian and Israeli embassies, a palace and a house owned by the founder of London’s most famous up-market estate agents. At night [...]

Gardener’s Hut Soho Square

Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building which you might have passed without noticing. Now virtually obscured by the building works of CrossRail this little tool shed is a uniquely London [...]

Armadillo swallows London Stone

When learning The Knowledge some days remain etched in your memory forever. One such day for me was when I went to find a ‘point’ – London Stone – note it is not a definite article, [...]

The thin blue phone line

There stands in Grosvenor Square an anachronism from the days when you would see Bobbies on the beat, an age without mobile phones, police walkie-talkies or when very few homes even had a landline telephone. Despite [...]

Chubby cherub blamed

As any fireman will tell you there are a myriad of causes attributable to the origin of a fire and in the aftermath of The Great Fire of London dozens of theories were put forward. We [...]