: ' London heroes'

Shrapnel helmets: an iconic London design

The way that soldiers on the Western Front looked changed dramatically during the war [...]

Heroic tram driver

War heroes come in many guises, tram driver Alfred Buckle was one such hero [...]


It brought a new level of style and sophistication to the fledgling motoring public. Separate waiting rooms for ladies and their chauffeurs, a writing room, overnight accommodation for lady motorists and a library [...]

. . . and so to bed

It’s the time of the year when, for many, they start to put their thoughts and experiences down on paper, or nowadays digitally. On 1st January 1660 a 27-year-old clerk by the name of Samuel Pepys [...]

Homeless not hopeless

While driving through Hackney recently I came across this group of social deprivation warriors, and like or loath them if properties weren’t left empty by landlords or disgracefully unoccupied by local councils, squatters (who often have [...]