: ' London icons'

A penny for your thoughts

There is a long and historic relationship between Big Ben and the UK's coins and few people realise the technical role that old pennies have played inside the clock [...]

Boudicca’s graves

For someone who led a short and inglorious life, the wife of Prasutagus, King of the Iceni has gained an almost mythical status. The Iceni tribe occupied the modern counties of Norfolk, parts of Cambridgeshire and [...]

Money to burn

It is arguably Londoner’s favourite industrial building and best viewed when travelling along the road of the rich and famous – Cheyne Walk. There on the opposite bank of the Thames is ‘The Temple of Power’ [...]

Jack The Lad

The term “lovable rogue” has been applied to many crooks over the years, most are just unpopular villains, but one from the 18th century remains known to us even today, in fact so great was his [...]

The Festival of Britain

Sixty years ago on 3rd May 1951 King George VI opened The Festival of Britain declaring that it was “a Symbol of Britain’s abiding courage and vitality”. The Festival was originally planned to mark the centenary [...]

My Radio Times

“Yours is the only cab I’ve been in that the driver listens to Radio 4”, was said to me once by my passenger. On reflection afterwards I pondered – how could someone be cooped up in [...]

Not before time

While waiting to enter Trafalgar Square via Admiralty Gate it occurred to me that this public space has always been about time delays. Now that north side has been pedestrianised the flow of vehicles approaching King [...]

A penny for your thoughts

enerations of schoolboys have searched through their change in the vain hope of finding one and in August of this year on the internet auction site eBay a 1933 penny bearing the head of King George [...]

London’s smallest square

As Westminster Council spends thousands of pounds turning Pall Mall into a dual-carriageway racetrack, parts of St. James’s remain an oasis of peace and calm. Thought to be the smallest public open space in London, Pickering [...]

In the Club

No sign on the door, at most perhaps a fleeting appearance of a livered attendant in his vestibule by the entrance in Pall Mall or St. James’s Street, here you’ll find the very hard of London [...]