: ' London icons'


Kensington Palace is undergoing cosmetic architectural surgery and a total facelift to the grounds. The ambitious plan to remove most of the railing to “encourage a more intimate connection with the Palace and the Park itself”, [...]

Sartorial Entertainment

In an age when we have many competing demands on how we can spend our leisure time, it is hard for use to imagine a world were entertainment could be had in watching a man get [...]

Foyle’s Queue

For 100-odd years Foyle’s the eponymous bookshop in London’s Charing Cross Road employed a system of book purchase that only served – if that is the correct word- to waste customers time and add another two [...]

Oranges and Lemons

Standing in the shadow of the East London Mosque in a modest Grand II listed premises on Whitechapel Road is Britain’s oldest manufacturer. As the mosque calls out for worshippers to attend their daily prayers this [...]

The Greatest Day in our History

We’ve all had a Tardis Teaser fantasy. What moment in history would you like to be transported if you had a time machine? One point in London’s timeline worthy of consideration might be the opening of [...]

The Right Type

ou probably haven’t heard his name before and after reading this will probably never again, but Edward Johnston has given us a symbol for London every bit as iconic as a red bus or my black [...]

End of the line for K2

As iconic as my black cab, the K2 telephone boxes have since 1936, been an intrinsic part of London’s urban landscape. But who actually uses telephone boxes these days? With almost universal mobile phone ownership their [...]