: ' London monuments'

The elephant in the room

So out went Rodney Gordon’s box of glass, which would have allowed the public to see the London Underground transformer beneath [...]

A tale of a tail

He noticed that his cheese had been nibbled and suspicion fell on his mate [...]


Or the maximum distance your London cabbie is prepared to go 'Sarf of The River [...]

The curse of Cleopatra

Erected on the Victoria Embankment is probably the most unwanted, and unloved monument to be found in London. ‘Cleopatra’s’ Needle was presented to Britain in 1819 by the ruler of Egypt in commemoration of Nelson’s victory [...]

A tall tail

Since the horsemeat scandal CabbieBlog seems to have taken on a foodie theme. This week I found a little mouse sitting on top of the bird seed which is stored in plastic containers in my shed. [...]

The elephant in the room

During the time that I was studying there I would spend a lot of my time at college staring out of the window at a silver cube in the middle of the Elephant and Castle northern roundabout. Today [...]