: ' London Olympics'

Sex and the Olympic City

When the London 2012 Olympic organisers announced that the Games would bring local jobs to the community it’s probably not what they had in mind. Major sporting events always tend to precipitate a boom in the [...]

Taking the waters

One little published event in the Olympics was the 10km Open Waters Swimming in which competitors swam around a pond. We were 4th in the women’s (just missing the bronze by less than a second) and [...]

The Only Running Footman

In Charles Street, Mayfair there remains evidence of the last vestiges of Georgian competitive running with a tentative link to the cabbies of their day. Dating from 1749 this pub has a curious name: ‘The Only [...]

A road less travelled

When announcing the hydrogen taxi scheme recently the Mayor could hardly have envisioned starting a scenario straight from the script of BBC television Twenty-Twelve. “A vision to promote innovative zero and low emission technologies in the [...]

The Olympic Legacy

Urban myth has it that every London cabbie is the oracle of all knowledge. We are often asked on how the trade is going; bankers and fund managers it would seem regard us as a barometer [...]

A Marathon read

Just how do they do it? I mean when an actor is given a major part to play, just how so they remember their lines. I only ask because last weekend a mighty 76 page tome [...]

Life imitating art – a cabbie’s diary

ith the first Olympian week drawing to a close, with the predictability of a shortage of cabs on a wet Friday night, we have had a bumper week of motoring stories. In a scenario straight from [...]

An urban idyll

At long last plans for the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony have been unveiled. Eastenders it ain’t, looking more akin to Larkrise to Candleford, with bucolic scenes of synchronised sheep herding, parallel ploughing and no doubt [...]

Rank outsiders

Try to imagine that you are an American tourist (trust me it isn’t hard). You have booked a trip to Britain and you plan to take in the capital. What goes through your mind when you [...]

The City that never wakes

ecently I was in a well known department store which has the proud boast of being ‘the official Olympic retail partner’. There a came across a whole display section given over to London 2012 paraphernalia: key [...]