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Gallic Snug

The French House sells more Ricard than anywhere else in Britain [...]

Bashing the bishop

The Mitre today claims to be the oldest pub in London [...]

Pubs: A glass divide

Downton Abbey might have been all about the Victorian class system but it’s the local where Britain’s obsession with one’s social standing was defined. London’s hostelries once had multiple spaces, which sometimes were extremely small, each [...]

A bitter pill

Once was the time that every Londoner knew who Doctor Butler was, and the alleged restorative properties of his famous brew. Such was his fame a number of London pubs carried his name. Alas all but [...]

Bishop bashing

If ever there was a place which encapsulates ‘Englishness’ the Ye Olde Mitre Tavern is it, hidden away down an alleyway in Hatton Garden. The first Mitre Tavern was built in 1546 as the boozer for servants [...]

Gallic Snug

Although the bar was called York Minster until quite recently most had known it as The French House and it’s had a Gallic feel since it opened in 1914. In the Second World War it became [...]

The Castles of Camden

We Londoners like to think of ourselves as working hard and playing hard, but our idea of these activities pale in comparison with the 19th century Navvy. The term navvies came from the ‘navigators’ who built [...]