: ' London shops'

KTS Corner

The clock's numbers on the dial replaced by representations of building materials [...]

Gardiner’s Corner

Gardiner's was also the scene of the famous Battle of Cable Street [...]

Site Unseen: The Apple Store

I doubt if anyone entering Apple’s flagship store realises the beautiful mosaics above their heads [...]

Live like Churchill

Winston Churchill would regularly round off a very comprehensive dinner with a cheese platter [...]

Are you being served?

A tradition for many of us ‘baby boomers’ at this time of the year was the annual pilgrimage to one or more of London’s department stores [...]

Off the cuff

I couldn’t resist using the saying ‘ off the cuff ‘ as the title of this post about Turnbull & Asser. Using the title off the cut is slightly unfair as the saying derives from the time [...]

Mr Selfridge’s grave

Recently on a cold, overcast March morning I was to be found standing by a rather unprepossessing grave situated under a Holm oak by a small parish church in Dorset. It was the culmination of a [...]

The oldest bookshop in Britain

I have recently been given a Kindle Voyage, I’ve wanted an e-reader for years but have never got round to purchasing the device, preferring the look and feel of the real thing. But having taken the [...]

Finding Filofax

One of the symptoms of age seems to be cynicism. As a cabbie you get to see the best in people and unfortunately their worst side. Some fares don’t pay, these we call ’bilkers’; others treat [...]

Subterranean shrine to silver

According to a 14th century law, all silver items over 7.78g must be hallmarked before sale to verify their purity, in those days forgers were hanged. Originally known as the Chancery Lane Safe Deposit, London’s oldest [...]